This 5m Flat Pack Storage Container provides a cost-effective solution for the likes of schools, community clubs, businesses and contractors that require quick and convenient storage space for inaccessible areas. It offers excellent versatility for a multitude of applications including temporary events, equipment and stock storage, or as an onsite office during large-scale building projects.

They are ideal for tradesman and larger companies in the construction industry as they can be fully assembled by four people in around 20 minutes (dependent on experience) and then easily returned to flat pack form, ready to be transported and reused at a different location.

The unit is built to withstand the outdoor elements as it is constructed from robust galvanised steel which is impervious to corrosion.


  • Cost-effective and functional storage solution that can be reused on multiple sites
  • Designed to be sited in locations with limited access or space without the need for heavy equipment
  • Ideal for schools, local councils, construction sites, commercial premises, housing associations, etc
  • Man-portable – quick and easy to assemble with no lifting equipment or cranes required
  • Can be fully assembled in 20 minutes by 4 people (dependent on experience)
  • Can be dismantled into flat form quickly
  • Strong and long-lasting galvanised steel construction
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Flat pack design enables delivery to even the most awkward of locations
  • Corrugated walls
  • Wooden flooring – 35 mm thick (system tongue groove) – will not rot or delaminate like cheaper OSB sandwich board
  • Double wing doors (supplied with lock and key)
  • Optional anti-vandal bar available for added security

Using exterior supports, this product saves on interior space and has corugated walls for added strength. It also features wooden flooring and double wing doors (supplied with lock and key) for a high-quality cosmetic finish and peace of mind. An optional anti-vandal bar can be added to maximise the security of the container.

Tools Needed For Assembly

  • Open spanner no. 19
  • Ratchet spanner no. 19
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver

Please Note: This product may take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to assemble, depending on your experience.




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