Smalline Double Diaphragm Pumps are designed for heavy duty contractors’ use. The pump creates a positive vacuum and dry primes under most conditions. This pump can also run dry continuously without damage. This pump is economical to operate and has excellent service life with minimum maintenance. Features

  • Heavy Duty Cushion Rods
  • Left & Right Discharge Outlet
  • Reversible Hitch
  • Engine Protector

Capacity –18,240 gph /304 gpm

Fuel Capacity – 14 gallons, 70 hours on one tank of fuel

Net Weight –1205 lbs.

Overall Length – 84 inches

Overall Width – 58 inches

Overall Height –50 inches

Pump Construction – ASTM A-36 steel

Hitch – Reversible

Axle – 2200 lbs. torsion

Wheels – 13″ Steel 

Tires –P155 X 80813

Cleanouts – Large cleanouts with access to flapper valves

Suction Connection – 4″ FPT (single point connection)

Discharge Connection – 4″ FPT (dual, left and/or right)

Valves – Flapper Type

Valve Seats – Stainless Steel

Pump Diaphragm – High Grade Neoprene Rubber

Engine Type – Air Cooled /Single Cylinder Diesel

Engine Manufacturer – Hatz

Engine Horsepower – 6 horsepower

Comes with extra bearings, and Rubber Diaphragms.

The pump is also available for rent $2,000TTD a day comes with 25′ suction and 25′ Discharge hose.  

New this pump sells for $16,000USD




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