Hiab R 150 F1

This Hiab is special it can be used in a warehouse, barge, tug or trailer. I-beams are secured to the floor, and this Hiab can pick up a load and move with the use of it’s hydraulic powered wheels. Moving on the track (I-Beam) it can go to any area that you set for it. Pick up a load on one side of a barge, trailer, tug or warehouse and move it to the other side. Powered by its own integral motor, this self-propelled unit can be positioned anywhere along the truck or trailer platform. It can also be welded in position (On a tug or barge) and begin working without having to install hydraulic hoses. 

This Hiab is in excellent working condition and ready to tackle any job. Roller cranes provide the last word in flexibility for truck-mounted crane operations.

Being self-propelled, the R 150 F1 offers a significant advantage towards achieving fast handling times, and is able to move along the full length of the truck or trailer bed under full load. This greatly simplifies the process of moving bulky, heavy materials.

“Flexibility is a key point with the R 150 F1,” says Marcel Boxem, Product Support Officer. “We’ve worked hard to keep the Roller crane chassis compact so that it takes minimum space on the truck and trailer combination. And with the technology that we’ve employed in the construction, the R 150 F1 is able to offer much the same lifting capacity as a larger, fixed crane.”


M – 3.5, 4290KG

M – 5, 3000KG

Hatz Diesel engine model – 2L41C

Output Pump – 30-75 Ltr/Min

Work Pressure – 25 Mpa

Oil Tank capacity – 95Ltr

Fuel Tank Capacity – 21Ltr

Driving Speed – 0-0.70m/s

Slewing Angle – 410 degrees 

Slewing Speed – 14 degrees/Sec

Height with Stretched Boom – 2.38 M

Height with Folded Boom – 2.15M

Max. Radius Top Seat Control – Centre Line Crane – 0.81M

Free Height Below Top Seat –  1.39M


Crane – 2600KG







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