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Concrete Hopper Bucket

Trinidad & Tobago

Concrete hopper for sale  Side Discharge Bucket  Outside measurements: 68.5″ High 54 3/4″ Wide  77.5″ deep

Pristman 2 Yard Clamshell Bucket

Trinidad & Tobago

Pristman 2 Yard Clamshell Bucket is a 2 line cable operated bucket. It is a general purpose bucket that is currently

Orange Peel Grapple / Rock Grab Bucket

Trinidad & Tobago

This is a 4 finger orange peel grapple. Also called a rock grab it is a 2 line cable operated

Priestman 7 Yard Clamshell Bucket With Teeth

Trinidad & Tobago

The Priestman Clamshell is a 2 line cable operated clamshell bucket. It is a general purpose bucket. This bucket has teeth.


Trinidad & Tobago $26,500.00 TTD

Model EUL (“L” stands for long drum) 2500Lbs ANSI Half Drum Rating (LB) – 2500 Rope Speed at Rated load

Ingersoll-Rand FA2.5i Air Tugger

Trinidad & Tobago $9,700.00 USD

FA2.5I HP-25.2 Speed Top Layer – 132ft/min Speed First Layer – 128ft/min Stall Pull – 10,277Lbs Average air consumption- 700ftcube/min

Cutting Torch Set

Trinidad & Tobago $2,800.00 TTD

Oxy Acetylene Cutting Torch In Excellent condition ready for immediate use. Contact us now. 15foot of hose  2 oxygen spark

Bosch 11 Piece Diamond Core Set (5 Cores)

Trinidad & Tobago $1,200.00 TTD

This high quality set comes with:1 x 38mm Cutter1 x 52mm Cutter1 x 65mm Cutter1 x 117mm Cutter1 x 127mm

McKissick 419/16 Snatch Block

Trinidad & Tobago $1,200.00 USD

Forged alloy heat treated hooks Forged steel swivel tees, yokes and shackles  Can be furnished with bronze bushings or roller

Broco Underwater Cutting Rods

Trinidad & Tobago $2,000.00 TTD

Burning in excess of 10,000° F at the tip, Broco® Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting Rods cut or melt virtually any known

A/C Condensor

Trinidad & Tobago $600.00 TTD

21″ long X 14″ wide 

Skid Steer

Trinidad & Tobago $1,350.00 TTD per Day

$1350 a day plus transportation 

Hiab 150 Roller

Trinidad & Tobago $90,000.00 TTD

Hiab R 150 F1 This Hiab is special it can be used in a warehouse, barge, tug or trailer. I-beams